Pam Rau Dance School
Pre-School & Kindergarten
A pre-ballet and rhythmics class. The perfect way to introduce your child to the world of dance.

1st & 2nd Grade
Ballet and tap combination class. This class is taught in a bright, non-stop format that is a big delight for this age group.

3rd & 4th Grade
Grand ballet and tap combination class. A building course challenging dancers to put their training to use.

5th & 6th Grade
Ballet and tap combination class. The level of study intensifies at this age and great dancers start to form.

Junior High
Three classes per week. The syllabus for this class incorporates three disciplines: ballet, tap and jazz. An audition is required for this class.

Senior High
Continues to build on the junior program with theatre, lyrical and liturgical disciplines added. An audition is required for this class.

Jazz I and Jazz II
Class features isolation warm-ups and jazz combinations put to fun high energy music.

Hip Hop I and Hip Hop II
The newest trends in popular urban dance.

Adult Tap I, II and III
Tap I for the beginning to intermediate tap dancer. Tap II is more advanced -- the dancer needs some tap experience. An audition is required for Tap III.

Adult Theatre/Jazz
A favorite class year after year. Some dance experience required.


Tucson, AZ